NetCut 3.0 full and Anti NetCut


NetCut is a Software that helps you admin your network by purely on ARP protocol . List IP-MAC Table in secs, turn off & On network on any computer on your LAN including any device like router , switcher. Also, netcut can protected user from ARP SPOOF attack
High intimate :Pure ARP protocol kernel.enhenced cut off funcation, that no one can escape from your cut off unless he have netcut installed and with protected funcation enabled.
Easy to use: One click to Protect user Computer Function!!! No one in the network can cut you off with ARP spoof technology anymore .
Effective: one Click to Cut down any computer s network connection to the gateway. IYFT:Get all IP addresses of the computers in your LAN(Local Area Network) in Secs High applicability:Work in office LAN,school LAN,or even ISP LAN Have Fun with play the online computer make them online or off line remotely Safe: TRACE Free, No one will TRACE out what happen and last More Stable,swich-hub or hub or cable lan any Lan use Ethernet

Download here net cut

*) Anti NetCut

Open NetCut and Check Protect my computer


- Run -> cmd -> "arp -a" to known Mac ex: IP: Mac: 00-02-af-cf-35-e4.
- Open Notepad type "arp -s IP MAC"
ex: "arp -s 00-02-af-cf-35-e4"
- Save to antinetcut.bat and run it

Download Here anti net cut


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